Buncombe County Emergency Training Facility

One of the largest emergency services training facilities in North Carolina, this $15 million facility provides necessary space to accommodate all of the emergency service personnel in Asheville, Buncombe County, and the surrounding areas.  The site includes driving skills areas for training in urban driving, open road driving, wet conditions driving, traffic control simulation, high hazard situation training, and others for law enforcement personnel.  Fire and rescue training facilities include burn structures and props for all aspects of “real-world” fire fighting and rescue at high rise burn buildings, residential burn buildings, and wildfire burn structures, as well as mountainous terrain vehicle extrication, water drafting and more.  The project design included grading for approximately 30 acres; the extension of approximately 1,900 linear feet of potable water line, 6,000 linear feet of fire line for fire training, 3,000 linear feet of gravity sewer line, and 3,200 linear feet of 20” diameter force main (fused pipe); the installation of 8,700 linear feet of 18”, 24”, and 30” storm water piping, including seven (7) under-ground detention systems, along with all regulatory approvals.  The site is situated adjacent to the County’s old landfill, requiring coordination with and amendments to the landfill Closure Plan.  The earthwork operations required the grading of approximately 350,000 yards of material, including approximately 100,000 yards of haul off-site.